Anonymous said: What's the story of when you lost your virginity?

Well orally i was a BJ slut all thru high school;) .. But Well my first virginity kinda sucked he was small but it was in the woods at a local park arched up on a tree.. The next day The virginity that i actually count was on my lunch break in back seat of a suburban. It was ok but then i became a hoe i slept with 10 guys my first week after losing my virginity

Anonymous said: Can we expect to see something within the next week? It seems like you haven't posted anything in months.


Anonymous said: Could you please put your porn videos on xtube again please, just for a while, i been waiting for so long to see that videos, you turn me on.


Anonymous said: Omg you're back 😃😃😃😃

Follow me on twitter;) @phillipsandersX

Twitter ;)

Follow me on twitter @phillipsandersX ;p

hersoncares said: Whys you take down the video?

Tumblr removed it

mydirtygayimagination said: Can you post a video to your xtube page?


Anonymous said: why are your videos private?

Alot of reasons atm