Ugh so i have to get this off my chest and rant.. Idk why all these celebs are ashamed of their #nudephotoscandals i wouldn’t be the naked body is a beautiful thing and they should be proud that they got to show their art to the world… They should #embrace the photos and the outcome and dont let people say anything to them about it as long as they know that their body is beautiful

#needmorecelebsnude haha

gayboy907 asked: What's your xtube?

Its not up yet

plimp20 asked: Is that you in the video

Yes it is

kcalron asked: totally feel you about snapchat. i'm so fucking horny all the time that i'd just show my cock and wank all the time. which is pretty much what i do :P if ever you get snapchat add me ;)

I will do sexy;) email me

Anonymous asked: Can we expect to see anything soon?


elctrcfeeel asked: You're so fucking sexy

Thank youu:)

skywalker22 asked: Looks like I'm late to the party. I wish I could have seen your vids while they were up.

Thier still up someplaces lol

oscarcross asked: Do u have snapchat

Noo me+snapchat=me showing everyybodyyy me naked lol not a good combo

aheartofpoems asked: See if I actually go out into Dallas I probably would of met you but maybe later I'll see you and say hey.

You should never be afraid to say hey

jake-ryan17 asked: I found your tumblr