Anonymous said: How old is "old?"

I say 40 is my limit but its really like 35 30 to 40 year old have to be super hot ..

Anonymous said: I could honestly cum to the sound of your moans. They are sooo hot

Thank you😫

abrirte said: Hi, I'm the one who emailed you today :) just saying lol

Thank you

asiangaybttmla said: Your videos are so good. It turns me on!!!!! Have you had sex with Japanese guy before? I'm from Japan live in LA. Haha id live to have fun with you :p

I have had sex with a asian before

joelie7062 said: You page is very nice, and your cute as shit, and hearing you moan is sexy too lol 24/white/m/180/5'11 college frat, not out lol should stay in touch sexy :)

Thank you:)

perryviolence said: Are you in austin??

No im in dallas but i do tend to visit austin

bateinkamp said: In that vid 5/28/12 nick pounding what was his stats ??? Latin white age it busted big time over that vid mmmmmm

White 19 7.5 140

vneclipsed said: Oh shit i just found your blog and you were in austin :P

Yes i was

tayl0rw3st said: Ever come to college station? (;

Yes i used to live there

bateinkamp said: Hey do you still have your xtube??? Can't find you on there

I do but right now its where no one can see it