bateinkamp said: In that vid 5/28/12 nick pounding what was his stats ??? Latin white age it busted big time over that vid mmmmmm

White 19 7.5 140

vneclipsed said: Oh shit i just found your blog and you were in austin :P

Yes i was

tayl0rw3st said: Ever come to college station? (;

Yes i used to live there

bateinkamp said: Hey do you still have your xtube??? Can't find you on there

I do but right now its where no one can see it

Anonymous said: where do you find straight boys to blow and fuck you? i love messing around with discreet and straight boys ;)

Everywhere just put urself out there lol

Anonymous said: tips to last longer?

Idk lol i last long from the beginning. So i never had tips lol

Anonymous said: How did you start being an escort?

Im not a escort i fuck for free if ur hot

cashnova said: Are u being fuck in the video


Anonymous said: You're soo hot babe,i wanna fuck you hard ;)

I like action not words;)

abcd19940 said: Where are all your videos??

On a harddrive atm