Anonymous said: I hate to be a bother, but is there anyway to see your videos? I would REALLY love to see them! If that's okay.

Email me

Anonymous said: Suck some nice cocks while you're there

Couldnt was with family watching the UIL state softball game at UT Austin next time im going solo

In Austin, Texas now:)

In austin, tx for the Texas Softball State Game :)

pigsndiamonds said: why did you delete your videos of xtube?

Its not deleted …. Just its taking a break at the moment ;) im focusing on myself personally opening myself up sexually and spiritually



Anonymous said: Thanks to you, I'm okay with being a little bit of a slut.

You should be ok with it dont hide from it… Embrace it;)

All clean #knowyourstatus #negitive as of 4/29/14

All clean #knowyourstatus #negitive as of 4/29/14

thewonderfulworldofmybrain said: well this is me off anon. xD so feel free to look and judge. haha. and i wonder why you are single too.

No one is bad looking never tell yourself that

Anonymous said: Would u evr fart on any one during sex

Hell no ewwwthats so gross