mydirtygayimagination said: Can you post a video to your xtube page?


Anonymous said: why are your videos private?

Alot of reasons atm

Anonymous said: I'm sad you don't post any more. Hope you come back soon! :)


jaynerd89 said: I'll be in Dallas on the weekend of the 19th can we meet up I'd love to eat your hole and fuck you

Email me is that during pride weekend

Anonymous said: When was the last time you got fucked and how big was it?

Yesterday bhaha

Anonymous said: You got any more vids? They are really hot

Thank you:p

jt209 said: I would may defiantly love to see more of your videos


Anonymous said: I feel like you're never coming back...

I will soon ;p i just need to work on my self my body and confidence then i will be back soon :) ;)

Anonymous said: How old is "old?"

I say 40 is my limit but its really like 35 30 to 40 year old have to be super hot ..

Anonymous said: I could honestly cum to the sound of your moans. They are sooo hot

Thank you😫