I lovedd this trip to Choctaw Casino in Durant OK cant wait to go back to see Reba May 2nd

It was an amazing and cheap motel at Choctaw Casino Towers , got drunk Skinny dipped in the pool and Gambled and lost of hot guys one of the best motels i even been in :) #choctawCasino #Traveling

#SanAntonio Tommrow;) hopefully find some hottys;)

lovemyself2 asked: You're hawt K that's all 😁

Thank you

thejimmykash asked: I want to fuck you sooooo hard! Can we make that happen (and film it)?

Yes email me

itsjustray asked: heyyy, I live in Dallas too! :)

Awww :) email me

ryanwright1289 asked: ur cute bro

Thank you

gaycumfortinn asked: I love your videos


jarelldbouie asked: Hope you get your life to where you want it. I know I don't know you, but I hate seeing people go through stuff :/

Its nothing bad.. Its just something i have to do for myself

dothedrew08 asked: Wow. No more videos? Is this still a porn blog?

Of corse it is im just figuring out stuff at the moment

orion0076 asked: I've been following you on twitter for a while and I love your work. You're sexy may I ask why you deleted all your videos and slowed down?

I havent slowed down at all just getting the life back together and to the way i want it and hopefully by the time im 22 it will be complete which is in june. Just gotta work on myself for a while